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1-Hour Rental *Subject to Availability, Walk-Ins Only
2-Hour Rental
3 or 4-Hour Rental Every 4th Consecutive Hour of Rental is Free!
7 or 8-Hour Rental Every 4th Consecutive Hour of Rental is Free!
2-Day Rental
3-Day Rental
4-Day Rental
5-Day Rental
6-Day Rental
7-Day Rental

Pontoon – Gold (Full Shade) Rentals in Lake Tahoe

Experience Lake Tahoe’s finest, safest and largest sports watercraft fleet with our Pontoon – Gold (Full Shade) rentals. There’s no better way to see Lake Tahoe, than from a boat and the full length Bimini Shade can be rolled up completely, or have either the front or the back protected against the sun! This boat is perfect for large groups looking to get out on the water.

All rental boats include a Bimini Shade that covers the back half of the boat.

Reservations can be made with commitments of 4 Hours of Rental time or more. Shorter durations are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.